If you are looking where to buy gothic clothing you are in the right place. At Metal Gods you can shop unique gothic clothing for men and women at affordable prices. 

If you are a dark soul with an affinity for dark clothing styles and romantic fabrics - then you’ll probably be looking for affordable gothic clothing to suit your tastes from regular size to plus size. Metal Gods is a great store for alternative fashion for women and men.  

Our clothing is made for the occasion when you’re feeling a little extra rebellious and like to express your dark side. Push the limits of boring fashion found at the local mall and choose exclusive, online-only styles here instead. Don’t forget to complete your goth outfit with our exclusive shoes selection as well as jewelry pieces.

There are typically two sides to every goth: the romantic and mysterious vampire vibe or the dark and edgy biker badass. Here, we cater to both of those sides and everything that could fall in between, because we understand that your fashion taste can and should change from day to day. We want you to be able to express your style in outfits and accessories that look like they were made for you! Shop classic Victorian clothing styles with an alternative, modern twist by incorporating various trends and cultures into each piece. If you’re going to a rave or electronic dance music event, shop our cyberpunk clothing section and show off your cyberdelic side. To keep each style individual, you’ll find dozens of details like laces, studs, spikes, leather, ruffles, chains, and strappy embellishments on every article of clothing. From school to work to hang out with friends, these threads are sure to turn heads.

Where to Shop Gothic Clothing & Brands

Our gothic clothing section caters for the dark side in all of us. The side that likes to roam the streets at night, get a little freaky behind closed doors, and generally push the limits.  We make every effort to source only the best dark clothing for our customers. Whether you're going for dark and romantic clothing or edgy, outrageous clothes, we have it all, and everything in between.

We cater to hardcore, nu goth, pastel goths and everything in between - so if you're after dark clothing to complete your closet then look no further than Metal Gods. We pull together all the very best items from indie brands so that you don’t have to search all over the web for your next gothic look. You can always find great deals at Metal Gods. We offer low priced gothic clothing so even if you’re on a low budget, you can stay in style.

If you're looking for shirts to add a sophisticated edge to your evening outfits, or you’re after a badass dress to liven up your occult-inspired jewelry and accessories, then we have you covered. We have a vast selection of clothing, corsets, shoes, coats; everything you need to create a gorgeous look that stands out from the crowd.

One great thing about our goth clothing selection is how diverse it is. We have styles for ladies and gents - with plenty of sub-genres that you can choose from. You can add in a splash of color with a pastel goth outfit, or keep it street by combining alternative styles with grunge clothing. You can even add an edge to your punk outfits by combining classic coats with punk pants and accessories.

We know you’re getting the very best dark clothing on the internet - because we scour the web for the best items from every indie fashion brand. This means we provide the best collection of clothing, as we have a ton of indie brands and fashion designers to bring to you. You won’t find these goth styles in regular stores!

So shop now! Take a look at our selection of goth clothing. We know you’ll find something to fit both budget and style.


How to Style Gothic Clothing 

If you want to style an outfit based around gothic clothing and fashion, then it's a great idea to pick a central item to base your look off. You can choose to keep the entire outfit - or you can pick a centerpiece such as a dress, long sleeve tops or a shirt - then build your outfit around that item.

Don’t be afraid to mix in other fashion styles and subcultures to complete the look. Our clothing styles are beautifully diverse and go well when mixed with fashion that looks totally different - creating a striking contrast (which is exactly how the subgenre of Pastel Goth was born).

Take advantage of the versatility of gothic fashion. For example, one cute rockabilly dress pair well with a cardigan and some boots to create a psychobilly aesthetic. A men's trench coat paired with a band t-shirt puts a dark spin on rocker-style outfits. Plus, motifs such as Skulls and bones are a great symbol to add to your look if you want to keep your style creepy. In the show, dark clothing is rich and diverse - and can be styled to look any way you please - form soft and feminine to badass and fierce.

You can also play around with modern looks, and pair them with more traditional styles like tailcoats, ruffled shirts and blouses, and Victorian clothing. A Victorian-style gown looks totally badass when paired with chunky boots and a leather jacket. This is a perfect mix of old and new - to create something totally different, particularly when rocking ladies' clothing.

This just goes to show how alternative fashion is always evolving. From more modern aesthetics like zombie style clothing and nu or pastel goth items to more traditional romantic goth clothing like corsets and parasols - this style is huge, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon

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