Boots & Shoes

Check out our collection of motorcycle boots for men and women. From ankle to mid calf boots. From Vegan leather to genuine cow leather we have the biker boots you will love.

You do not have to be a goth to love platform shoes and boots. Gothic shoes and boots can add a bit of edge to any outfit and are favorites with Lady Gaga, Taylor Momsen, Miley Cyrus, and many, many more. Rockers like Gene Simmons, Adam Lambert and more wear gothic shoes and boots for every day as well as to rock out on stage.

Gothic shoes and boots can have platforms or be single sole, can have studs, buckles, bondage straps, chains, D-rings, O-rings and other cool details. While basic black is of course a gothic standard, some styles come in gray, purple, red, even Gothic Lolita pink. Our steampunk styles have the coolest heels with skeleton stilettos, gears, and other Victorian accents you will love.